Do you ever think about heaven?

I do.

I’ve always wondered what it will be like to be in heaven and see the face of Jesus.

Since Les has already gone there, that makes me think of heaven even more.

I know God says the only way one can enter heaven is by

placing our trust in Jesus Christ

who died in our place


was resurrected on the third day.

He must become our Savior and our Lord, our Master.

There is no other way.

But what is it like there?

What is Les doing?

Since his body is in that grave in the family cemetery in Duplin County,

what is he doing for a “body” now?

There are just so many questions that rummage around in my mind.

Could this be a little taste of heaven's beauty?
Could this be a little taste of heaven’s beauty?

Did you know ( according to David Jeremiah) the Bible speaks over 500 times about heaven?

I didn’t.

Wow, that must mean I can learn lots about heaven if I take the time to study my Bible!

What better place to go for information about God’s home

than His very Word.

I know it is totally trustworthy

and that is of utmost importance.

So, I’ve decided to do just that.

This summer, I will be studying about heaven per the Holy Bible.

You are welcome to join me if you live close enough to do that.

If not, why don’t you open your Bible and see what God has to say.

Or find a trusted student of the Bible who will study along with you.

If you are “in Christ,” then heaven will one day be your home.

I want to know a little about it before I get there.

Don’t you??

Lots of love,


[Interested in studying along with me? You can call me or email me if you have that info or you

can comment to this post and I will see it.  If you are reading this on FB, then message me.]

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