Entitlement is a growing problem in our culture. Our government seems to encourage it. It appears there are many who are willing to take and take and take because they feel they “deserve” it. It is their right! How easy it is to point our fingers at “those” people! Last night at our Thursday night church … More Entitlement

Mom Thoughts

Tomorrow we celebrate moms. My sister and I don’t have one. Almost three years ago , her body took its last breath and she was gone from us. Sadly, we’ve really been without a mom for much longer. You see, something happened inside her brain and the woman who sang while she cleaned and sewed all our clothes … More Mom Thoughts


Do you ever think about heaven? I do. I’ve always wondered what it will be like to be in heaven and see the face of Jesus. Since Les has already gone there, that makes me think of heaven even more. I know God says the only way one can enter heaven is by placing our trust in Jesus Christ … More Heaven