The Promise of Spring



April was always a busy month for us.

Our anniversary on the 6th.

Les’ birthday on the 12th.

And, of course, the Resurrection of our Lord!

It’s truly amazing how one event in our lives can change so much.

April has fewer events to celebrate now.

However, I am so thankful that the truth of the Resurrection never changes,

regardless of where our lives here on earth take us.

I am also thankful for the 36 years Les and I had together.

I know lots of folks who would love to be able to say their marriage lasted 36 years.

Today, that is quite a milestone.

There still remains within me an unexplainable emptiness.

I accept it will probably always be with me in some amount.

I still struggle to find my place in my new world


I still struggle to grasp it all.


I know God has a plan.

I know His plan is perfect,

even when I don’t understand it,

and I know I am where I’m supposed to be for such a time as this.

I am trying to be patient as I await God’s next move in my life.

But honestly, it is SOOOOOO hard!

He probably gets tired of all my suggestions

and wishes I would just let Him be in control.

That is extremely hard for an acknowledged control freak!

 2014-04-05 13.40.18  2014-04-05 13.41.01 2014-04-05 13.41.18 2014-04-05 13.41.39

These photos are some of the proofs of Spring in my yard.

They remind me that God is a God of promise.

No matter how cold and dreary the winter is,

there is always the promise of Spring.

A renewal of life.

A bursting forth.

The warm days, the beautiful trees, and the multiple colors of flowers

bring an indescribable peace to that empty spot in my being.

They assure me that life doesn’t stop just because we suffer a time of “winter.”

As long as this earth spins,

there will always be

A Promise of Spring.

Lots of love, Sharon



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