You Will Be Okay!

This is a hard time for some of my friends.  They are facing that one-year anniversary of their

husband’s death.  It is tough!  Or  maybe I don’t even know you, yet you are struggling to

understand what is happening in your life.  Wherever you are right now, God isn’t unaware.  He

knows and sees and cares.  No one can assure you of this better than Ann Voscamp, so I am

sharing her words with you today.  May God speak mightily to you through her blessed words.

“..there is a plan and there is a purpose and there is a God in heaven who didn’t just ink you

onto the palm of Hs hands but etched your name right into Himself with nails and He hasn’t

just got your number, He’s got your heart.  He sees you, hidden in Him, and you aren’t ever

forgotten because God can’t forget those right in Him.  Because God’s writing your story and

He never leaves you alone in your story, and His perfect love absorbs all your fear and His perfect

grace carries all your burdens, and your story is a happily ever after because Christ bought your

happily ever after so you always know how this story ends:

                                                                                           You’re going to be okay.”



Lots of love, Sharon

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