Now This Is Love!

You are probably familiar with the story of the prodigal son.  It is in Luke 15: 11-32.

So many times, I think we fail to realize where we are in this story.  After all, most of

us haven’t taken our inheritance and gone to another country and blown it on fast



                                                     Or have we?


God, as our Father, wants to bless us beyond what we can even begin to imagine.

Yet, we think we know better what we need and what we want, so we do our own

thing.  We wallow in the pleasures of the world, happy to be out from under the

control of what we see as a demanding Father.  We rationalize that His ways are

old-fashioned and out-dated.  It’s a different world now and His “rules” no longer



                 But one day, we hit a bump, maybe a big bump,

                 and we realize how much we need our Father.

We’re frightened to face Him since we’ve shaken our fists in His face and

told Him we don’t need Him.


                How could we possibly go crawling back?


But then we remember how things were back “home” and the longing to

return outweighs the fear of rejection that could be awaiting.


                 So we head for home, down-cast and dejected.


Luke 15:20 says “So he got up and went to his father.”  I wonder how many

times he rehearsed what he would say to his dad.  I wonder how big the lump

in his throat and the knot in his belly were.  That road home was probably

the longest walk of his life.


        “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and

                      was filled with compassion for him”


I hope you didn’t miss it.  His Father was watching and waiting for him;

hoping day after day that he would return.


” he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.”


And when he saw him coming, he didn’t go in the house, slam the door and lock it tight.


                           No, he RAN and EMBRACED him. 


No lectures.

No punishments.

No anger.


He ran and embraced him,



                             then he threw him a huge party!!!!!


What amazing love!  It is hard for us to even comprehend this, isn’t it?

We love so conditionally that we can’t grasp this kind of love.

Yet our Father is ALWAYS watching and waiting for us to return when we’ve

set out on our own.  When we go our own way, we are still His child, but our

relationship is hindered.  But His “love for you is constant.  When you remember

My majestic Presence and return to Me repentantly, I rush to meet you and

enfold you in My embrace!”  (Dear Jesus by Sarah Young, pg 99)


The Father is waiting.

He is watching for your return.

And there will be no lectures; just His embrace.


Grace is getting what we do not deserve.

Mercy is not receiving what we do deserve.


What are you waiting for?

Run to Him.

He will meet you and embrace you with grace and mercy.


Happy Valentine’s Week!!!

Lots of Love, Sharon










One thought on “Now This Is Love!

  1. So right on well-put My SIS. U totally honor Abba with the pen of a ready writer.

    Looking 4ward to the gathering of our hearts with urs b4 God.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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