Quiet Beauty

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2014-01-29 12.17.16

As I stood on my porch and looked across the open fields, I was struck by the silence.

The world was blanketed in pure white.


It was so quiet and so beautiful.


In my little neck of the woods, the world had stopped and peace had settled upon it.


“The Lord is in His holy temple, Let all the earth keep silence before Him.”  (1)


The whiteness went on like eternity. There were no roads, no lawns, no boundaries visible.


Just the whiteness.


But then the beauty was marred.  Clumps of dirty ice and snow fell from passing cars and changed the landscape.

The roads and driveways began showing up again.  The clean lines turned messy with car tracks and footprints

and the slush that comes with the melting.


As I pondered it all, it occurred to me how God had created Adam and Eve pure and holy.  Yet they chose to sin

against God and the beauty of a sinless life was marred by the filth of sin.  That filthiness has been passed to

every person since.  Our world is no longer pure and white and quiet.


But praise be to God!  We don’t have to be filthy. 

Jesus Christ took on our filth so we can have His righteousness,  His purity.


This afternoon, the sun shone brightly and the melting of the snow began.  In a few days, it will all be gone.

The dirty clumps will disappear.  The sun will melt them away as if they’d never been there to start with.


The SON came to take away all the ugliness in us.

In Him, we are pure.

The dirtiness of sin becomes white as snow.

Our souls can experience quietness even in the midst of life’s storms.


How, you ask, can one be “in Him?”

You must recognize your filthiness and that you can’t save yourself.

You must admit to God your sinfulness and ask Him to forgive you.  You must call on the name of the

Lord Jesus Christ, surrendering your life, your all, to Him as not just your Savior, but your Lord.

If you will do this in sincerity, then the Bible says you will be saved.  The Holy Spirit will indwell you

and show you how to walk out this new life in love and obedience.


There is an old hymn that says

“Lord Jesus, Thou see-est I patiently wait,

Come now and within me a new heart create;

To those who have sought Thee, Thou never saidst NO –

Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.

Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow;

Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.”   (2)



Lots of love, Sharon



(1) The Lord is In His Holy Temple – George F. Root

(2) Whiter Than Snow-James Nicholson, lyrics/ William G. Fischer, music


2 thoughts on “Quiet Beauty

  1. Thanks Sharon for sharing your thoughts on this beautiful white snow that we have enjoyed these last two days and how God used this beautiful metaphor to demonstrate how the Son took away our filthy garments of sin and washed us as pure as snow! What a tremendous blessing of GRACE, of LOVE, and SHALOM between us and our Heavenly Father provided by Our Savior, Jesus Christ! Bless you tonight dear Sister! In Him, rob

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