The link promised a beautiful rendition of a Christmas carol,

so I clicked on it.

Christmas music is probably my favorite kind of music.

I was not disappointed.

Unfortunately, I scrolled down too far on the page to learn more about the singers.

There it was, the first of many comments.

Something to the effect of Jesus not being real, but if by some case He was,

then He was a con man.

But wait.

Someone responded to that.


Someone would defend Him!

Oh no!

That so-called defense used gutter language.

I cringed.

I looked no further.

My heart cried.

I felt sick.

Jesus, a con man?

Now, I know there are many people who say that

He couldn’t possibly be God with us.

It does seem a little “out there” when we use our heads to think about it.

I have lived a pretty simple and protected life.

Some even call me naïve.

So con men aren’t people I know a whole lot about.

But I’m not ignorant either.

Con men have a selfish ulterior motive.

They do what they do to make themselves bigger in their own eyes.

They are out for what they can get for themselves.

They may talk a big game, but it is all for show.

It is all about them!

Jesus, a con man?

I don’t see it.

He had no home,

nowhere to lay His head.

Yes, big crowd followed Him,

but for most of them, it was just for the show.

They wanted to be healed or fed.

They didn’t really care about Him.

They didn’t give.

They took.

Con men don’t take abuse.

Jesus took loads.

He was hated

and threatened

and spit on

and eventually beaten to a pulp

before dying a horrific death on a cruel cross.

Con men blame others.

Who did Jesus blame?

No one.

He didn’t even defend Himself.


Because what was happening wasn’t for His betterment.

It was for ours!

Con men don’t die for someone else.

They don’t quietly take abuse.

Yes, I believe.

I believe with all my heart, soul, and mind

that Jesus is Emmanuel,

God With Us.

I believe God became a man to be the perfect sacrifice needed to pay our sin debt.

I believe He is Lord of lords

and King of kings.

Yes, I believe that!

But guess what?

The fact I believe or don’t believe doesn’t change truth.

Jesus. Is. God.

That is Truth.

You may not believe and that is your choice.

But it doesn’t change the truth.

Jesus is not a con man.

Jesus is the God-man.

And one day, whether you have believed or not,

 EVERY knee will bow and

EVERY tongue will confess that truth.

Truth is truth.

My belief or non-belief doesn’t alter that fact.

Lots of love

and Merry CHRISTmas,


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