Things I Miss


So many things we take for granted.

We assume they will just always be there.

We go out to our cars and turn the key expecting it to crank.

We flip the light switch and expect the light to either turn on or off.

The list could go on and on.

In case you haven’t noticed,

Life.  Is.  Fragile.

As my dad would say, the only things we can really count on

are death and taxes!!

Of course, that isn’t true.

As believers, we can count on God.

We may not understand His ways and purposes,

but if we know His character, we can trust Him,

regardless of our circumstances.

Yesterday, I was on my feet for the majority of the day.

Last night, they hurt!

As I lay in bed trying to fall asleep with achy feet,

my mind couldn’t help but think of my sweet hubby who would

on occasion rub my tired feet.

I can’t think of much that’s better than a foot rub!!!!!

I miss that.

Foot rubbing is an intimate type thing.

You don’t ask just anybody to rub your feet.

So now, I rub them the best I can and go on.

That led me to thinking of other things I miss.

I miss hearing him come in after work.

I miss him calling my name when I would be in the back of the house.

I miss shaving his neck between hair cuts.

I even miss ironing his clothes!!!

I miss the way he smelled.

I miss his unconditional love

even when I exasperated him.

I miss him taking off the trash EVERY Saturday in his old 55 International truck.

I miss the way he kept the garage so clean.

I miss the way he turned all his shirts the same direction in the closet.

I miss seeing him in his starched shirts and slacks.

He cleaned up real well!!!

I miss us working together in the yard.

Things are so much easier to do when you have a co-worker.

I miss being able to talk things out with him.

He was my accountability partner.

Sometimes he agreed with me,

but not always.

If I was wrong, he told me so.

We all need someone like that.

It is so quiet in my house.

Stacey says she can tell I live alone because when I am around others

I “chatter like a magpie!”

In the earlier days of our marriage,

Les and I lived away.

When we would come home for a visit,

I talked non-stop.

I guess that’s kinda how it is now.

I miss making coffee for him although I don’t drink it myself.

I miss cooking regularly.

I miss going to Bojangles and Dixie Queen with him.

I miss his wisdom.

I miss his Les-isms.

(If you knew him, you understand that!)

I miss his warped sense of humor.

I just plain miss him!

Life is so different now,

but it is still good.

Do you hear me?


Over these past two years,

God has brought tremendous healing to my heart.

Do I miss Les?


But he is with Jesus

and there is no way I would be selfish enough to wish him back.

He is home.

God has brought me peace and joy and a sense of security.

Sure, I wish we could have celebrated 60 years of marriage,

but I am thankful for the 36 years we did have.

I miss his friendship.

I miss his love.

I miss making him his favorite chocolate candy.

I just plain miss him!

But what great memories I have.

Don’t take life for granted.

It is a gift!

Take a moment today to give an extra hug to your loved ones.

They are precious.

Lots of love,


One thought on “Things I Miss

  1. Sharon, I had just emailed you this morning that I am reading “Nearing Home” by Billy Graham. In it, he mentions how much he misses his wife, Ruth. It is so understandable the things you detail that you miss about Les. I had just smiled last night about how many times years ago that I thought I was waving at him on the lawnmower, and it was you! Just shows I really watch the road when I’m driving (smile). Let’s have lunch at the other place soon.

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