Genuine Faith

The story is told that the Devil had a meeting with his demons to decide how to persuade

men that God was nonexistent. Since they themselves believed in His existence,

they wondered just how to do it. One demon suggested that they tell people Jesus Christ

never really existed and that men should not believe such fiction.

Another demon suggested that they persuade men that death ends all

and there is no need to worry about life after death.

Finally, the most intelligent demon suggested that they tell everyone that there is a God,

that there is Jesus Christ, and that believing in Him saves,

but all you have to do is profess faith in Christ and then go on living in sin as you used to.

They decided to use this tactic, and it is the tactic the Devil uses even today.” *

It’s called an “easy believism.”

Just say you believe.

But the demons believe.

They know Jesus is God’s Son.

Yet they don’t possess a “saving faith.”

A “saving faith” is a faith that proves itself by being obedient to God’s Word.

“Faith without works is dead.”

(James 2:17)

Jesus said in John 14:23,

“If you love Me, you will keep My word.”

(italics mine)

Please don’t misunderstand.

This isn’t about perfection.

None of us walk in perfect obedience.

But it is about our heart’s desire.

God knows our hearts and when we desire to be obedient,

yet we fail, His grace kicks in.

Salvation is definitely a free gift;

free for us, but not for God.

It cost Him His Son.

That gift comes with responsibility.

It comes with accountability.

A genuine faith TRUSTS AND OBEYS.

A genuine faith is a growing faith.

A genuine faith flows from a heart that desires to walk in obedience to God’s Word.

A genuine faith sorrows over its sin.

A genuine faith confesses that sin and moves forward under grace.

A genuine faith desires to do life God’s way,

because His way is always the best way.

Do I have it all figured out?

No.  I fail miserably.

But my heart’s desire is to do those things God knows is best for me.

And in His strength, I press forward.

Will you press forward with me?

Lots of love, Sharon

* James, Thru-The-Bible Commentary Series, J. Vernon McGee, pg 65

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  1. I love the TTB series and J. Vernon Magee. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, Sharon.

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