Break the Fallow Ground

“Sow for yourselves righteousness;

Reap in mercy;

Break up your fallow ground,

For it is time to seek the Lord

(Hosea 10:12)

2013-10-30 08.34.54

I am blessed to live right on the edge of farmland.

Yesterday morning, as I sat in my rocking chair on the back porch

with my Bible and devotional books,

the driver of this tractor began his day’s work.

Earlier, tobacco and corn were planted in the field,

but both have been harvested.

Now, the soil has to be stirred, lifted up, and loosened to receive the new seed.

My mind couldn’t help but go straight to our house church study,

“Seeking Him”

written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Tim Grissom.

Lesson 1 took us to the Hosea scripture above,

as we discussed personal revival in our lives.

As I watched the tractor till the ground,

I was amazed at the beauty of the soil falling freely from the blades of the plow.

I had the urge to run out there and let the loosened soil sift through my fingers.

2013-10-31 11.48.44

2013-10-31 11.48.51

A freshly plowed field is so beautiful!

Do you realize the farmer has more in mind than simply tilling the soil?

He is thinking ahead to a harvest.

Sometimes the circumstances of my life have felt like a “plowing.”

You understand that, don’t you?

Just as the soil, if it had feelings, would not enjoy being tilled,

those circumstances have brought us pain.

Nobody enjoys pain.

But as the “Farmer” of our lives,

God sees ahead to a harvest.

He knows what we can produce if we are properly prepared.

Therefore, as true believers in Jesus Christ,

we can “count it all joy” no matter the circumstances of our lives

because we can know that God wants to do a great work in us and through us.

Thank You, Father, for caring enough about us to not let us lay fallow;

that You till the hard ground of our hearts to receive Your

Word by which we become more and more like Your precious Son, Jesus the Christ.

May all we say and all we do bring honor and glory to You.  Amen.

Lots of love, Sharon

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