The King’s Table


Have you ever thought much about what it will be like to eat at the King’s table?

Neither have I.

We just take that for granted, don’t we?

After all, we deserve it, right?

We’re pretty good, especially when God looks over and sees THAT person.

Tonight, Vonda, Cindy, and I experienced a picture of God’s grace.

We arrived on time with reservation confirmation in hand,

excited about the evening.

The excitement wilted as it was obvious our name couldn’t be found.

The confirmation confirmed a reservation,

but not for tonight!!!

My mind was whirling with options that could never hold a candle to this place.

Could we play the out-of-town speaker card?

Maybe it would work!

Then the owner walked over.

We braced for the bad news.

Let’s face it; we messed up, not them.

Instead, what we received was a very gracious welcome.

We were escorted to a bar area table until a regular table would be available for us.

The owner spent a considerable amount of time talking with us.

We shared that Vonda was here from Greenville, SC to speak at church in the morning.

So far, this was turning out pretty good!

Only a few minutes of waiting and we were given a very nice table.

Our waitress was phenomenal.

A delicious appetizer of our choice was served “on the house,”

compliments of the owner.

We felt like royalty.

Do you see?

That’s how it is to sit at the King’s table.

We don’t deserve to be there.

But He welcomes us with open arms.

He lavishes us with His love and grace.

He does more than He even has to.

Actually, in His case, He even paid the bill.

Our evening was so much fun.

We talked and laughed and over ate,

yet we felt so special.

So much is served at the King’s table.






Undeserved, yet lavished.

Lots of love, Sharon

(Thanks, Cindy, for letting me us this analogy.)

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