Lessons From Tree Removal



My beautiful River Birch tree just kept growing and growing and growing.

The 2 Bradford Pears behind it on the side of the house were the biggest ones the tree man said he’d ever seen.

Les really wanted those trees down, but I just held on to them tighter than I should.

But yesterday and today, they disappeared from the landscape of my yard.

20130820_173605 (1)

Now the Tulip Poplar in the side yard can fill out as it should.

Light can reach all the way down to the bare spots caused by the thick canopy of tree leaves.

I won’t have to be concerned about the foundation of the house being affected by tree roots.

It was time.

It is good.

As I watched with fascination the trees being cut down, it reminded me of how God works in our lives.

As beautiful as the trees were, they could bring damage to my home.

Sometimes there are “trees” in our lives that just simply need to come down.

They can be things that look good to us, but affect our lives in ways we don’t even realize.



As God works in our lives to remove limb after limb after limb,

we may find ourselves uncomfortable with the changes.

We love to stay where we are!

But as the limbs are removed, the light of God’s presence can more easily shine down on us,

filling us with the hope of new life sprouting up in those normally protected areas.

The other trees around those I had removed were stunted in their growth.

In fact, most of them were one-sided.

Those big trees had pushed them back, not allowing for proper light and nourishment.

God wants us to grow in every area of our lives.

What are you holding on to that crowds out the Light of the World, God’s Son?

Life doesn’t grow in the darkness.

Life needs light.

What have you allowed in your life that seemed okay at the outset,

but has now become a danger to the very foundation of your faith?

I resisted having these trees removed and now there is absolutely no grass in the side yard.

Nor did any plants survive there.




How are you resisting God’s work in your life?

He only wants the very best for us.

Sometimes that comes through a good trimming!!!

But it pays off!

20130820_173605 (1)

Yes, it looks different than it did yesterday morning.

But the truth is, it looks better.

When we respond to God’s trimming with joy and thankfulness,

the result is being more like His Son Jesus the Christ.

Yes, you may look different after a trim.

But the truth is, you’ll look better!!

Lots of love, Sharon

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