Dandelions And Weeds


This summer, I have worked very hard trying to improve the looks of my lawn.

Between Les’ sickness and my grieving from his moving to his real home in heaven,

the lawn had become full of dandelions and other weeds.

In fact, there was a time it looked like I was growing dandelions as a cash crop!

My dad sprayed it twice with his sprayer that pulls behind his mower.

Still loads of dandelions.

I actually sprayed dandelions one at a time with my hand sprayer!

Yes, things got better, but there were still weeds.

Since it had been a few years since we’d fertilized, I decided it was time.

Of course, I dreaded it because of the twice-a-week mowing that usually produces.

My brother-in-law heard me talking about the dandelions, weeds, and my need to fertilize.

He recommended a slow-release fertilizer

and said the best way to get rid of weeds is by improving the grass.

So, I made the purchase and pushed that spreader over my 1.1 acre of yard

until I had covered it all with the food it needed to strengthen and block out weeds.

Guess what?

It worked!

My lawn is gorgeous

and, for the most part, weed and dandelion free!!!

By feeding my lawn the “right” food, it responded positively.

As I was thinking about this, it hit me how this also works in us, as believers.

When I neglect God’s Word, “weeds” grow in my life.

When I fail to spend personal time with God,  “dandelions” sprout up in me.

Weeds of grumbling.

Dandelions of doubt.

 Weeds of dissension.

Dandelions of unkind words.

Weeds of fear.

Dandelions of anger.

Weeds of greed.

Dandelions of envy.

Before long, there is a bumper crop of things that don’t reflect Jesus in my life.

Just like my lawn, I need the proper food to fuel my Christian walk.

That food is the Word of God.

That food is found in spending precious time with Him,

allowing Him to nourish me and guide me and lead me in the path He has chosen.

So many of us work really hard at trying to do the “right” things,

things we think will make God love us more.

The truth is, God already loves you and me completely,

weeds, dandelions, and all!!!!

A few years ago, a friend shared with me how God had shown her that

what He really wants from us isn’t “doing” but rather “being.”

In the Gospel of John, Jesus said if we abide in the Father, we will bear much fruit.

In other words, “being” produces “doing.”

If we want our lives to reflect Christ, we must spend time with Him in His Word.

As we offer ourselves as a living sacrifice,

He will transform us through the renewing of our minds.

The more we lay ourselves down, the less “weeds” we will have.

Will the “lawn” of our life be perfect?


My lawn is green and almost weed free,

BUT my lawn mower isn’t cutting even.

My dad has put new blades on.

We’ve checked it and checked it and checked it!

Still it cuts uneven and I am not happy about it.

(Anyone who can help me, I would be grateful!!!)

There will always be areas of our life that will need work.

We are works in progress.

But, praise God, He has promised to complete the work He has begun in us!!!!

Make time to just “be” with the Lord every day.

It will bring you great joy and peace.

Lots of love,


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