Love Your Enemies???

  “But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44) WHAT? I am supposed to love my enemies? I am supposed to pray for those who persecute me? Yeah, right!!!!!! Isn’t that what we think and feel when we read the Lord’s admonition? Frankly, it is hard enough … More Love Your Enemies???

Dandelions And Weeds

  This summer, I have worked very hard trying to improve the looks of my lawn. Between Les’ sickness and my grieving from his moving to his real home in heaven, the lawn had become full of dandelions and other weeds. In fact, there was a time it looked like I was growing dandelions as a … More Dandelions And Weeds

An Empty Space

 JOY. Sadness.   A HOUSE FULL OF FAMILY. Yet a deep sense of loneliness.   How can one person have so many different emotions at the same time?   It is so hard to describe what this past week has been like for me.   It has been such a great time with my family, … More An Empty Space