My Sisters, My Friends


The three of us spent the whole morning sitting on the top deck at the beach house.

In. our. pajamas!

It was an exhilarating time of just talking.

Learning more about each other.

Sharing some deep emotions.

Praising God for His goodness and His faithfulness.

Encouraging one another’s future plans.

Tilling some ground and planting some seed of possible things to come.

Just being girls and friends and sisters.

One was my real sister.

The other my sister in Spirit.

(Her S.I.S., she calls me!)


I am so blessed to have a sister who is also my friend.

Debbie has been here for me in the darkest times.

She truly “has my back!”

I love her greatly.


Jo is a timely gift from God.

He knew my heart.

He knew I needed a new friend.

He sent Jo.

It surprised us both.

We are so different, yet somehow so much alike.

I think it is the fact we share the same “Father.”

Our lives have taken completely different paths,

yet we find ourselves in the same place at this time of our journey.


Jo knows what it’s like to live alone.

She knows what it’s like to bury a husband.

She understands the pain.



I’ve never had a friend quite like her.

She has taught me so much about the face of God’s redemption.

She exhibits a life of grace that stems from being rescued and restored

by the God of all grace.


She encourages me.

We laugh a lot.

In fact, many times we giggle like 6 year old girls.


We just don’t get to spend enough time together.

That was why these past two days were so special.

We had time.

Time to ride in the boat with Daddy.

Time to wash it down together when we got back to the house.

Time to sit on the beach and talk some more.

Time to eat and eat and eat!

Time to interrupt one another because we were all three trying to talk at the same time.

Time to learn more about one another.

Time to ponder where God is leading us.

Time to “do life together.”


Debbie and Jo, THANK YOU for loving me and for being my true friends.

I thank God for my every remembrance of you.


Lots of love, Sharon



One thought on “My Sisters, My Friends

  1. Throughout my drive home, Sharon, I beamed through the reflection of our sisterhood! Sharing the swing with Debbie, watching your face so beautiful with truth and the usual spunk, the quick display of caring that we all may hurt, yet rejoice in the unity of God’s love for each of His children. I love the divine appointments God continues to make and I am forever grateful of His gift that grows our friendship. Thanks for sharing S>I>S! Counting my many blessings of our friendship!

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