Cherished Words


Some mornings I wake up with Les heavy on my mind.

Today was one of them.

After making up my bed, I walked into his closet to put a blanket on a shelf.

I stopped and looked at some of his things; his watch, his work name tag, his wallet.

There were two envelopes leaning up on the shelf.

One was a handmade Valentine I had made him.

The other was a letter I had written him on December 4, 2005.

That year, I had asked all the Bible study folks to fill out a one page form with two questions:

1. tell me about your salvation

2. what can I pray about for you

Everyone participated and each morning I would pull a name out of a jar

and would spend time in prayer for that particular person.

After praying for them, I wrote each of them a letter and shared that I had prayed for them

and told them what I had prayed and how the Lord had spoken to my heart.

It was an awesome time with the Lord!!

I would like to share with you the letter I wrote to Les.

                 Dear Les,

This morning I prayed for you.  It turns out your name was not in the container with all the other Bible study people.

I have to tell you I kept wondering why I didn’t pull your name.  When all the names were gone, I still had your paper,

so you were not left out.  It was my pleasure and my honor to lift you up to our Lord this morning.

I thanked Him for your salvation.  He is to be praised that you chose to receive His precious gift.  I remember when you

made a public confession of faith in Jesus and you were baptized in the Beard’s swimming pool.  We had been married

for 5 years and Stacey was 2 years old.  We married unequally yoked, but no one had taught me that.

You had talked about going to church as a child, even teaching Sunday school, so I guess I just assumed you were

a Christian.  God knew you would be.  Praise Him!When I look back at how much we struggled those first 5 years,

I know God kept us together.  You didn’t know Him and I didn’t walk with Him. Praise His Holy Name for causing

us to stay together during the hard times. Until this morning as I prayed for you, it had never really hit me that it

was after you asked the Lord into your life that our lives began to change.  We both began to put Him where He

was supposed to be. It has definitely been a process, sometimes very slow, sometimes even backing up.

But God is faithful even when we’re not  and He will fulfill His purpose for both of our lives.  I’ve always known those

first 5 years were really tough, but had not seen the turning point.  Having the Lord in our lives really

does make all the difference!

Les, you are a good man. You are loving and forgiving.  I have always been in awe of the love and forgiveness

you have shown.  That is what makes it so hard to watch you struggle with these two attributes when it comes

to your job loss.  Your reaction to that has been totally out of character for you.  I know you have been so hurt.

Losing your job was embarrassing to you and you have told me so many times that you feel you have let me down.

Well, you definitely have not! You had no control over the situation.

Life isn’t fair, but God is always good.  May God melt away the layers of protection you have placed around your heart.

May you forgive all hurts as you have been forgiven by our Lord.  I prayed God would show you that you can walk with

your head high,not because of anything you have done, but because of everything He has done.

I miss my old Les.  You have come a long way, but you aren’t there yet.  I asked the Lord to restore you and fill you

with His love.  In Him is no fear of rejection, no unforgiveness and no callousness of heart.  In the name and

blood of Jesus,I prayed that the enemy’s grip on your thoughts be released; that all the hurt and pride

and fear be replaced with joy and thankfulness and pure worship because of your place of honor as His child.

Jesus is all we really need.  I prayed we would both recognize that and live our lives accordingly.  I thanked Him for

your current job and prayed you would give yourself a break from feeling you have to carry the whole

place on your shoulders.  Your loyalty is quite admiral and sorely missing in employees today, but you

need to relax and rest some. I asked the Lord to show you that.

Life is short.  We must live each day to its fullest.

Thank you for putting up with me.  I know I can be a real test sometimes.  Thank you for attending

Bible study even though you are usually the only man there. Thank you for supporting my call to teach.

  As His child, you are anointed of God. May you have a desire to discover His will for your life.

I love you and thank God that I am on this journey with you at my side.

With love, Sharon

Only God knew that some of these words were prophetic and that life truly was going to be short for Les.

I share this with you because I want you to know how precious it is to me to find things like this among his things.

Having his prayer journal and the thankfulness journal we started together are priceless.  He is now with Jesus and

for that I am so grateful.  But I do miss him and having words I shared with him from my heart means

so very much.  Perhaps you might consider sharing with your loved

one how you pray for them.  I also encourage you to journal the thoughts God gives you.

One day, you or they will have those things to cling to and cherish.

Life really is short, but remember, God is always good!!

May you have a blessed day.

Lots of love, Sharon

2 thoughts on “Cherished Words

  1. Sharon, Thank you so much for sharing this poignant and purposeful message to Les. God truly put your lives together to become one through Him. The time to speak the truth in love is the present moment as we are assured of no more here on earth, but an eternity as His child. God bless you for your strength and courage.

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