My Sisters, My Friends

  The three of us spent the whole morning sitting on the top deck at the beach house. In. our. pajamas! It was an exhilarating time of just talking. Learning more about each other. Sharing some deep emotions. Praising God for His goodness and His faithfulness. Encouraging one another’s future plans. Tilling some ground and … More My Sisters, My Friends

Dealing with Loss

  Since my husband died, I have been acutely aware of the pain and heartache experienced by all of us in such times. Being an avid reader, I find in many books a character that has to deal with death or a tragic loss of some kind. Especially in the “fresh” days of my grief, these … More Dealing with Loss

Cherished Words

  Some mornings I wake up with Les heavy on my mind. Today was one of them. After making up my bed, I walked into his closet to put a blanket on a shelf. I stopped and looked at some of his things; his watch, his work name tag, his wallet. There were two envelopes … More Cherished Words