Difficult People


Is there someone in your life who is just plain difficult?

Of course there is!

We all have at least one of those folks lurking around us somewhere.

Some people are SOOOO hard to like!

For years, I was in a “friend” relationship with someone;

someone who truly tested my resolve.

Every time I would have all I could take,

I would think about how much this person needed a true friend


I would continue on.

There was a point that I really came to love them.

But, things unraveled.

Not purposely, but due to life circumstances.

For the past year, we’ve seldom talked.

Caller ID showed a call from them this past week,

so at the nudging of the Holy Spirit this morning,

I picked up my phone and called them back.

We caught up on our lives and enjoyed a pleasant conversation.

That is, until it turned sour.

Seems this person is intent on holding on to past stuff;

stuff better left behind;

stuff that will only cause more hurt if drug back out into the open.

I expressed that sentiment.

It wasn’t well received.

The conversation ended with tension in the air.

I hate tension!

My insides were shaky and my thoughts were screaming.

I had obeyed the leading of the Spirit.

Why did it work out this way?

Many times, life takes a different path than we would desire.

Yet that doesn’t change the need for obedience in our lives.

God instructed me to pick up the phone and make the call.

I obeyed.

He will use that obedience in some way.


I don’t know.

That’s the beauty of trusting God.

I don’t have to understand.

All He asks me to do is to just trust Him.

And when I trust Him, I will obey Him,

even when it’s uncomfortable.

Lots of love, Sharon

3 thoughts on “Difficult People

  1. Hey Precious Friend,

    I will call soon. I think that God is showing you to stand firm and certainly His Word tells us that when we stand firm in the Lord, He is faithful to remember. So many people today suffer the infection of ‘nice lies.’ They don’t realize that putting a pretty band aid over a wound that needs air to heal only creates a greater scar.

    As you said, you obeyed and now God will pilot. Hopefully, this person will come to a time to stop blaming and exercise that “It is what it is” and we can wallow in the mire or pull up the ol’ boot straps and march forward to honor our Lord. I may be in line for a new pair of boots b/c I think that my straps are wearing thin these days.

    Talk soon!

    You are a blessing! Jo

  2. Good Word dear Sharon! Missed you so much last night–we had a good group and after some great worship and prayer, we listened to John S share about his great trip to Honduras and to Nichole’s sharing from her experiences. I set aside the night without a formal lesson but as I had promised earlier, to give some time for us to get to know each other better through sharing by responding to one of 2 questions: 1) if you really knew and understood me, you’d have to know that ….. and 2) share a time in your life when something that was bad/evil later was recognized by you as something that God had meant for your good! WE had a great time of sharing as a family and we will continue this in 2 weeks. Sharon, I’d like for you to share something as well as we get to know each other! Love and miss you! rob

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