The Day After

The day after burying your loved one is tough.

Most likely, you are alone because everyone seems to go away after the funeral.

So many thoughts enter your mind.

Your body, soul, and spirit are exhausted.

Have you ever stopped to think how Jesus’ disciples must have felt on this day after His burial?

What pain must they have experienced.

Their Master was dead!

They had given up everything to follow Him.

They had depended on Him for 3 years.

They had believed He was the Messiah who would overthrow the Roman oppression

and set up His earthly kingdom.

How could this be!

And the regrets; they must have been even more painful.

After all, at least two of them had said they were willing to die for Him,

yet they didn’t even stay and help Him.

Peter, in fact, vehemently denied 3 times even knowing Him!

That Sabbath, they were probably ill with grief and fear and just plain weariness.

They didn’t understand about tomorrow.

They most likely could only dwell in the pain of that day.

For them, this day was a day of darkness;

a place of deep pain.

Perhaps that is where you are right now.

It’s not a fun place to be.

But I know what tomorrow brings.

There may be grief today,

but there will be joy in the morning!!!

Lots of love, Sharon

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