Lessons From This Week

It has been a good week!

Busy, but rewarding.

Tiring, but fulfilling.

During this week, I was shown some lessons I really already knew, but needed to be reminded of.

One lesson was about being prepared and not waiting until the last-minute to do things.

I have never been a procrastinator; at least not very often.

Weeks ago, I  decided I would host a Valentine’s dinner at my home for some of my newly widowed friends.

I made out my guest list, decided on a menu and even wrote up my grocery list.

So far, so good.

Last week, I made out a schedule of what needed to be done, and when, so I could stay on task.

My gift of organization really came in handy for this dinner.

Aunt Margaret needed me to stay with her all day Tuesday, so Monday I cleaned my house

and made sure my table was all set with the nice dishes,

a love note from God for each lady,

and a small box of candy as a favor.

Because Daddy had carpel tunnel surgery on Wednesday morning, I ended up staying with him all afternoon

and through the night.  He didn’t really need me, I just felt better by staying.

Then Thursday, I had Timothy all day as he was home from school for the 4th day.

I did what I do at Stacey’s house that morning and then brought him back to my house.

Boy, was I glad I had made dessert and my congealed salad Wednesday morning before Bible study!

Because I had been so prepared, it actually turned out to be an easy afternoon.

I was  reminded of how procrastination can send us into a tail spin,

yet preparedness eases us through the process.

Another lesson was the importance of being with our families.

We all need each other.

Yes, I had a busy week, but being with Aunt Margaret, my dad, then my grandson was more important.

When we get right down to it, that’s what life is really about.

Valentine’s morning, I was talking with Stacey on the phone about the day and my dinner party.

I made the comment of how every Valentine’s, I made Les peanut butter delight

and he gave me a box of chocolate candy – ALL NUTS!-

and how I missed getting my box of candy.

When she came to pick up Timothy, she pulled him to the side and gave him something to give me.

You guessed it!  A box of all-nuts chocolate candy, just like Les always brought me.

She said some things couldn’t be fixed, but this one could and so she did.

What a lesson for all of us!!!

There are so many things we can’t change,

but there are many we can.

Sometimes it is as simple as a box of candy.

(Thank you, Stacey.  It meant so much to me!)

Speaking of the Valentine’s dinner,

as I told you, weeks ago I made out my guest list of recently widowed ladies.

I never had an inkling that only 1 of that original list would accept the invitation.

So, that meant I needed to invite some other folks in their places.

I was actually still inviting guests on Monday.

This is the lesson from that:

God knows exactly who needs to come and why they need to come.

I thought I had a plan, but it wasn’t His plan.

Last night, the 4 ladies that came were absolutely exactly the 4 God wanted here with me.

I watched the conversation bud into one of trust,

with a willingness to share deep hurts that so needed to be shared.

One of my friends, who like me is willingly transparent,

laid her difficulties open for all of us to see.

This, in turn, gave another one of my friends the courage to speak freely of things held extremely close until that moment.

I sat there and marveled at how God was bringing healing to an aching heart.

What did I do to cause any of this?

It was simple.

I opened my home and served a meal.

God did the rest!

God will do marvelous works if we only step back and let Him have control.

Finally, let me say that I believe God is leading me to do more dinners at my home

as part of the ministry for which He has been preparing me.

How totally humbled I am to think God will use my home and my ability to cook

to offer a safe place for friends, new and old, to find solace and healing.

What joy this week has brought to my heart.

I truly am finally finding myself again

and it feels good!

Lots of love, Sharon

3 thoughts on “Lessons From This Week

  1. What a joy to read and experience your joy and healing in witnessing your week as you blog Sharon! Thank you for your insights into life and adding to my appreciation for all that Our Lord is doing in our lives as we give ourselves more and more to Him and to each other. Bless u and take some time in eating Timothy’s mixed nut chocolates ! Love u Sis, rob

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Sharon, I was touched by your words of wisdom. My brother David, passed away on December 30th of this last year. I miss him so very much. I thought of him as I read your words. You brought healing to my aching heart. I realize it is time to do what God wants me to do. I must listen to my Loving Father, and follow His path for me. In the process of doing what His will is for me, I’m sure, as you have discovered, there are souls out there that are of kindred spirit. I will pray for God’s guidance to join us together, to help one another get to where He would have us be….His plan, not mine. Thank you, Sharon. I know I was supposed to be awake at this early hour, reading what God had put on your heart. Prayers for you and yours! Enjoy your chocolate covered nuts!

    Les was one of the kindest, most Godly men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He helped me, help my brother, David. I talked with Les frequently by phone about my brother’s account. It wasn’t long before I realized he had to be a Christian. There were times that we taIked about more than David’ s account. What a life saver he was for me. I was involved in David’s care for over forty years. It was really tough at times battling the powers that be to keep him afloat. Les would do what was in his power to help and also to advise. He was a God send to me, as I’m sure he was to so many others. I stopped by the Pharmacy a couple times when I was in the area. I’m so glad I was able to meet Les, and Gregg. He is reaping his rewards in Heaven for all the good he gave so selflessly. He was truly a loyal and faithful servant, as you are Sharon. I would like to think that I am supposed to sit at your table one of these days. We will wait and see what God has to say about that! Take care! God bless you abundantly!
    Judy Anders Thomas
    P.S. Nell Thomas is my sister in Christ, and also was married to my brother in law. She is going through a very difficult time and is in need of your prayers. Thank you in advance for your prayers for her….and me too! You are certainly in mine. 🙏💞

    1. Thank you for your kind words. This blog post was actually from 5 years ago, but showed up on my timeline, so I decided to repost it. Les thought so much of you. I am glad he was able to help you. I would love to have you sit at my table any time!! It is such a small world. I had no idea Nell was you SIL. I’ve known her all my life. I was saddened to here about them. Please stay in touch. 😊😚

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