Tidbits Of Truth

  This post will be different, as it is simply tidbits of truth God has either shown me or reminded me of this week¬†through His Word or through someone sharing His Word. Hope you enjoy it! Contentment is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. Worry is not believing God will get … More Tidbits Of Truth

Behind Prison Walls

There was excitement, yet a bit of uncertainty for this little group of children. This day they would spend much-needed time with their dads behind prison walls. Yes, most of them visit regularly, but this would be much different. Today they would be daddies and kids, just the way it should be. There would be … More Behind Prison Walls

What About My Behavior? Does It Matter?

Yesterday’s devotional from Moody Bible Institute’s Today In The Word gave one of the best explanations of justification and sanctification I’ve heard in a long time. Today’s blog post is that devotional. As born-again believers of Jesus Christ, (the justification part), we are being sanctified. We are to become more and more like Jesus every … More What About My Behavior? Does It Matter?

Lessons From This Week

It has been a good week! Busy, but rewarding. Tiring, but fulfilling. During this week, I was shown some lessons I really already knew, but needed to be reminded of. One lesson was about being prepared and not waiting until the last-minute to do¬†things. I have never been a procrastinator; at least not very often. … More Lessons From This Week

A Precious Book

  This morning as I read from Nehemiah, chapter 8, I was struck by the reaction of the people as they listened to the reading of God’s Word. Verse 9 says “for all the people wept, when they heard the words of the Law.” They wept when they heard the words of God. How much … More A Precious Book