Precious In His Sight


A few weeks ago, we couldn’t believe how a man could walk into a school

and shoot innocent children and adults.

We were rightfully angry that this could happen and it frightened us for our own children.

The social networks were ablaze with grief and fear and a sense of desperation.

All of these emotions were, and are, exactly how we should react to this horrific event.

Yet, as much as my heart broke over the stealing of these precious childrens’ lives,

my mind just kept going back to these facts:

Every single day, over 24,000 children die from something we could easily fix.

Over the last 40 years, more than 58 MILLION children have been aborted.

Where are the cries for these children?

Why are we not voicing our outrage for them?

These children deserve to live just as much as the children who died that terrible day.

They deserve to live just as much as our own children do.

We must stand up and fight for those with no voices.

Every single child deserves a chance to live.

Each of us are made in the image of the true and living God.

He knows us even BEFORE we are formed in our mothers’ wombs.

Will you take a stand?  Will you cry out before God to stop the atrocity of legalized abortion?

Will you share part of what God has given you to aid a child so they might have clean drinking water

or needed medications or proper nourishment?

We can make a difference.

All children, born or unborn, are precious in His sight.

Lots of love, Sharon

2 thoughts on “Precious In His Sight

  1. I heard on American Family Radio this morning that 1500 abortion clinics have closed in the past 20 years which equals 70%. But you’re right, that’s not enough until it’s zero.

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