I Plan But God Orders My Steps

Wow! What a week this has been.

It certainly is true that we can make our own plans, but it is God who orders our steps.

Last Sunday, Aunt Margaret fell leaving church and did some pretty good damage to herself.

A broken bone over her right eye and a broken kneecap, aside from all the bruising her face received from

what must have been a face-forward fall.

There was no concussion and she will recover, but it will definitely take some time.

Monday afternoon, Les’ brother, better known as “Bruggie,” entered LMH with chest pains.

Paracarditis was discovered.  This is where fluid builds around the heart.  Normally this is a viral issue,

but his turned out to be bacterial.

Not good!!!

Tuesday, right before Noon, he coded.

The doctor had to draw the fluid off from around his heart right there in his CCU room.

That was when it was discovered to be bacterial.

After reviving Bruggie, the doctor had him sent to Vidant in Greenville where

he has been in the Critical Care Unit of the heart center.

I guess when the fluid was too much for his heart, he went into septic shock.

The sepsis caused his organs to shut down.

He has been on a ventilator, dialysis, meds to raise his blood pressure, etc.

All these measures have been taken to keep him alive.

Thankfully, he is off the ventilator and the blood pressure meds.

He is still on dialysis and his liver function is still not good.

At least, he can now talk to us and to the doctors.

Things are still critical.

But we do see some hope.

We are a very small family.  It is down to just Les’ mom, his two brothers, me, and Stacey.

Of course, there are the two grandchildren, but they are too young to help out.

Only 13 months ago, we buried Les.

It was so hard on all of us.

Hazel lost her oldest son and this week, has been very concerned about the possibility of losing another son.

Bruggie and Eddie, although very different than Les, have many similarities in looks, in responses, and in gestures.

So many memories have pressed in on my heart and soul this week.

Eddie’s hands look just like Les’ did.

The color of Bruggie’s skin in his illness is a flashback to how Les looked as he was fighting the cancer.

Hearing the doctors share tough news has dregged up pain I’d rather not face.

It has been hard on both me and Stacey.

We’ve spent a lot of hours in Bruggie’s room, trying to be optimistic, trusting God’s plan,

hoping for a little sleep between the beep, beep, beeps of the many machines.

We’ve given each other pep talks and we’ve adopted a new motto:


After all, God doesn’t put more on His children than He gives us the strength to walk out.

Last Sunday morning, I was looking forward to a slow and quiet week with time to

truly reflect on the reason for Christmas.

Those were my plans.

God ordered my steps differently.

But that’s okay.

His plans for me are the best plans, even when I don’t understand them.

Be sure to love up on your family a little extra this Christmas.

They are gifts from God.

Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate Jesus, as He is the only reason we have Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Lots of love, Sharon

4 thoughts on “I Plan But God Orders My Steps

  1. Thanks for the update, Sharon. I, too have had a very different Christmas plan than anticipated, but perhaps this is why we are clay pots…to be broken and re-formed as needed.

    Stacey and Mike did a beautiful celebration of Jesus with the children on Sunday. I left Grace with a smile on my face, for sure.

    I am so thankful to hear of an improved report. Thank God for His sovereignty.

    Love you and Merry Christmas with the coming of a New Year of God’s continued promises.


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