Prophetic Words

It was a Tuesday. 

No, the dates aren’t the same.  It was actually Nov 8th where today is Nov 6th.  Things weren’t good.  I had talked with Karla at Duke and she had arranged for us to go up a week early.  Our appointment wasn’t until after lunch, so we didn’t have to get up early and rush to get ready.  Les got up to go to the bathroom.  It was taking longer than usual.  I didn’t hear anything going on.  He didn’t call my name.  But I knew I needed to check on him.  When I turned the corner, there he was.

He had fallen.


I will never forget the look in his eyes as he said to me “Well, I guess this says it all.”

Prophetic words.

Words that would drive the course of that day.

You see, it was that day we heard those dreaded words.

“Mr. Stanley, there is nothing else we can do.”

As I think back over the events of that day, I saw hope drain from Les.  He had fought so hard.

He had been given so many good days.  But now, the truth of the situation loomed larger than we wanted to believe.

Thankfully, we didn’t know just how soon he would leave us.  We thought we had a few months.

 God had other plans.

For Les, He had better plans.

Lots of love, Sharon


2 thoughts on “Prophetic Words

  1. Thinking of you, Sharon as you journey toward the marker of Les’ departure a year ago. Jesus promised to “prepare a place for us.” I am sure that He and Les have gone through the punch list to make sure all is as you would want it to be. Now, don’t get any ideas b/c “Baby, now that I’ve found you, I can’t let you go!’ You’ll just have to wait!

    I love you and treasure our friendship. My heart shares this time that in all seriousness, I know is very painful, yet a turning point in the path that you have set with dignity and love.

    In Christ Alone!

  2. Sharon, you have such a special way of touching our hearts when you share with us.

    I guess you can say it has been quite a year since that Tuesday of 2011. You must feel as if you’ve been on a roller coaster ride…..up and down and up and down and always coming back to the same place. But the good thing about that is, God always meets us at that place and is there for us to ride the waves again. What a blessing that is and without it, we would be nothing.

    Keep on keeping on Sharon. You are doing good. Hang on for the ride. You never know where it’s going to take you.

    God bless and I love you!



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