The Love of God

Back in the early spring, Stacey, Lesley, Daddy and I visited the cemetery as Jeffrey and his assistant placed the tombstone at Les’s grave. While we were there, Lesley noticed this beautiful dark blue, maybe purplish, butterfly that kept hovering around.  We were both quite taken with it and couldn’t help but wonder about its … More The Love of God

Word Or Deed?

In God’s strength, and His strength alone, I am happy to report this latest cycle of unbearable grief has passed.  Everyday I spend some time with the Lord, but last Tuesday I spent some serious time on my front porch (so I could escape the rain!) in my Bible and pouring out my heart to Jesus.  … More Word Or Deed?

Rain, Rain, Tears

Rain!  Rain!  Rain!  It has fallen from the sky with a vengeance multiple times recently.  The heavens open and down it comes. Even when it’s not raining, it seems as if it will.  The clouds are just so full they must let loose. Although that is a physical description of our weather, it also pictures my heart.  … More Rain, Rain, Tears