Rollercoaster Week

When it comes to my emotions, this has definitely been a rollercoaster week.  Sunday night through Thursday night, I participated in our VBS.  My grandchildren attended with me and I assisted in Timothy’s “tribe.”  Although he is only 2, he had just the best time.  It was a little iffy the first night, but he … More Rollercoaster Week


Most of the widows I have talked with have told me the oddest things trigger their grief.  I have to agree.  There are different things that bother me, usually something simple and unexpected.  However, it seems every time I go to the grocery store, I could have a breakdown.  Doesn’t that sound silly?  Everything, I … More Triggers


Happy Independence Day!!  Even with the division in our nation and all that is going on around us, we still live in the greatest nation in the world!!!  Despite how history is being re-written, this nation was founded on Christian principles and has seen blessing upon blessing given from God Almighty, the maker of heaven … More FREEDOM!