Inclusive, OR Excluded??

Last week, when I told you about my trip to Duke, I forgot to tell you about the “quiet room” they have in the new cancer clinic.  I didn’t know what our volunteer guide was talking about at first when she said she wanted us to see the quiet room.  Then it hit me.  She meant the chapel.  After saying, “you mean, like a chapel?” she replied that she wondered why they didn’t call it a chapel. 

Now, I don’t mean to offend anyone with what I’m going to say, but I need to say it anyway.  They don’t call it a chapel anymore because that’s not politically correct.  They needed a place where everyone could find solace.  Oh, that sounds good when you say it, but is it really? 

We entered this room and I was taken aback by the very look of it.  Maybe I over-reacted, but I felt like I was in some cavern deep inside a cave.  Any moment, I expected Druids to enter cloaked in their brown, hooded robes.  The room was round and had lots of wood.  The backs of the seats reached high into the ceiling.  There were two round rows of seats.  In the center was a 5 or 6 feet in diameter round stone which was a transparent blue.  Our guide told us there was a light system that would cause the lights to change back and forth. 

My insides felt quite weird in that room.  For me, there was nothing in there that caused me to sense the presence of God Almighty.  In fact, the feelings I had were anything but that.  All I wanted was out!!!!

If Les and I were still making trips to Duke, that room would not be a place I could seek God’s face.  I would have to find somewhere else. 

The next morning, as I talked with God about the trip and about that room, it hit me.  We’ve become so inclusive that we’ve managed to exclude the only one, true God from many, many facets of our lives.  No wonder our world is in the mess it’s in.  May we open our eyes and see our deep, deep need for Him.

Lots of love, Sharon


(PS:  One of my friends up there said it looked like Superman’s home and the big stone was the kryptonite!!!  She also felt uncomfortable in there.) 

2 thoughts on “Inclusive, OR Excluded??

  1. That does sadden me so. I spent quite a bit of time at Duke when my mother had heart surgery in 2000. I have often commented how I could feel the presence of God in that hospital. Everyone was so loving and so nice. I believe it has always been a Methodist University.

  2. Sharon, I really feel this is the beginning of the end. God brought Judgment on other nations when they denied Him and did what was right in their own sight. Therefore, Why not the United States? It is so scarey. Missing you and Bible Study. Will be in touch soon.

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