Today was a day of remembering.  Remembering the many times Les and I, along with family and friends, made the long trek up to Duke for treatments and appointments and scans and transfusions and so on; remembering the friends we made along the way and remembering how it always took a full day no matter what time we started.

It was so good to see the folks at Duke.  Everything is so different up there now with the new clinic.  It reminds me more of a 5-start hotel than a cancer clinic.  It was just beautiful!!!  There was marble and granite and waterfalls and terraces and a fireplace and even someone playing a grand piano.  There was room to move around, yet still be able to visit with others waiting for their appointments.  There was a lovely green space in front of the building with benches and walls to sit on; statues and all kinds of green plants.  All it needed was some color!!!  I need to go plant some flowers in there for them. LOL!!!  Although I never saw it, I understand there is an outdoor space to take chemo if you’d like and you are able.  How awesome is that!!!

I must admit there were some tears.  It was hard.  Seeing the doctor, the PA, and the nurses just brought it all up to the surface.  Of course, I didn’t get hysterical or anything; just some tears streaming down my cheeks.  Everyone was so kind and seemed so pleased to see us.  They took some of their valuable time to spend with me and to listen to what happened during those last days before Les went to be with Jesus.  I spoke boldly of my faith and that my strength comes from Christ.  That is very important to me and I am going to share Jesus wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.  I am so glad I went and I am thankful that Daddy went with me.

The photo above was taken in the chemo lab.  Lynn, Les’ chemo nurse, is modeling this year’s Southern Pharmacy Relay for Life t-shirt that I had just given her.  It was so good to see these gals.  Even with all the sickness, Les and I had some great times with them, laughing and loving one another.   God placed us with the perfect people in that most difficult time.

Today was my time to just simply say “thank you” for all they did for Les and for me during our times with them at Duke.  I thanked them with hugs, smiles, and some of my “famous” lemon squares.  All in all, it was a very good day.

Lots of love, Sharon


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