Just wanted you to know that yesterday’s post may have reached you with only a picture.  If so, please take time to log in again and read the stuff that was supposed to go with it!!!!!  Sometimes I guess I just hit the wrong button and off we go.  Sorry guys. Lots of love, Sharon


Today was a day of remembering.  Remembering the many times Les and I, along with family and friends, made the long trek up to Duke for treatments and appointments and scans and transfusions and so on; remembering the friends we made along the way and remembering how it always took a full day no matter … More Remembering

Just Some Thoughts

This week has been like a whirlwind.  You’d think life would slow down once in a while, but it just seems to churn faster  and faster.  Earlier I wrote about some issues with Les’ mom and her care.  Thanks be to God that seems to be worked out.  It took a lot of my time … More Just Some Thoughts

Amazing Grace

Today, I attended the funeral of a friend’s mother.  She died on Mother’s Day, but don’t be sad because Jesus was her Mother’s Day gift and what could have been better than that? Funerals have never been in my top ten things to do.  They are especially difficult now.  Once you’ve had to say good-bye … More Amazing Grace