Some of you may not believe in spiritual warfare, but I can assure you it is a true occurrence in the life of a believer in Jesus Christ.  Satan does everything he can to trip us up and keep us worried and fearful and out of focus.  He has been on my back this entire week.  He is not at all happy with me.  You see,  I am walking my life in peace and joy, although it took a direction I didn’t plan.  Satan can’t take my soul (it is forever sealed by the Holy Spirit), but he can sure aggravate me enough to affect my everyday walk with Christ.

This week has been a test of my faith.  In fact, this whole month has been a tad testing.  So far it has been our anniversary and Les’ birthday,  and of course, another month since Les moved in with Jesus. (Thursday was 5 months.)  My work load is sometimes more than I feel like I can handle.  Getting the yard ready with all my flowers has been a big job.  I love flowers so I have planted a lot this year.  I don’t mind the yard work, but when I work in the yard, I get nothing else done.  My desk piles up and my kitchen floor stays dirty.  During Les’ sickness and for a few months following his departure into heaven, a dear friend took care of our yard.  I am doing it now.  I don’t mind, but it is a never-ending job that takes a lot of time each week.

On top of all this, Les’ brother and I had to go to Social Services in Kenansville this past Wednesday to handle some things concerning my mother-in-law’s care.  I don’t want to discuss the details of that visit, but I can tell you that we need your prayers in this matter.  We need wisdom and peace and the faith to totally trust God.  To dispel the thoughts the enemy has tried to settle in my mind, I have chosen to praise God for what He has done for us.  His mother’s care was huge for Les and because of God’s faithfulness, he didn’t have that burden to face the last few months of his earthly life.  God has truly been so faithful to us and I praise Him for giving us time to heal some before having to deal with this new issue.

Yesterday, I missed a call from my dermatologist’s office concerning some pathology for a place I had removed from my leg this week.  All the message said was that they needed to speak with me about the report.  Well, HELLO!  Why would you leave such a message for someone when they will have to wait the whole week-end to find out what they need to tell me?   In January, I had a cancer removed from my neck so now all I can think is that this one is cancer, too.  Oh, my mind has been quite a battlefield!  It is probably nothing, but try telling my mind that.

I am so thankful for God’s indwelling Spirit who assures me of His love and faithfulness each and every day.  He has given me peace beyond my understanding and is allowing me to see His mighty hand at work all around.  Thursday night, our Women of Vision meeting had our final gathering until the fall.  A brother and sister from the Charlotte area came and spoke to us about their ministries.  He is a pastor in the inner city and he shared stories of how God has worked in his life through the most unlikely people.  His sister shared what God is doing through a group of women who visit the strip clubs in Charlotte and the surrounding area to share God’s love with the girls.  WOW!  I never in my wildest dreams imagined such a ministry.  God is at work!!!!!  Sometimes we just have to open our eyes a little wider to see what He is doing.

Yes, it has been a difficult week for me emotionally, physically, and spiritually, but I know WHO the winner is in the battle.  We may have tribulation in this world, but Jesus has overcome the world.  On that, I stake my life.

Lots of love, Sharon

PS:  I thought I’d share some pictures of my hard work in the yard.

5 thoughts on “Warfare

  1. You are such an inspiration and
    testimony of God’s love. Thank you, Sharon! Also, I do not have a beautiful yard as yours so anytime you want to do another, mine is so available.

  2. Sharon, I like my flowers to, they have brought me through the difficult days in my life also. Time is surely passing quickly. I was thinking about you and remembering Les. just a few days ago, it does not seem real that is has already been 5mths., since Les went to be wiith the Lord. When you can, come to see us at the office and maybe we can all do a lunch together, that would be great. I agree with all the others that have commented on your site, that you are an inspiration and your strong testimony will carry you !!! Love you lots!!!! DianneTyndall

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