“Good” Friday

Today (April 6th) would have been my 37th wedding anniversary.  Instead, the counter has been reset and this is my first April 6th as a single woman, widowed much earlier than I ever imagined.  I’m sure that sometime in the past 36 years, we probably shared our anniversary with Good Friday, but I don’t remember it if we did.  I find comfort in sharing this day with the remembrance of the supreme sacrifice Jesus made for us.

Now, if I took the time to look it up, I am sure I could find some information on why this day is called “Good” Friday.  On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be anything “good” about this day.  After all, Jesus was dragged from place to place during the night in what were mere jokes when it came to a trial.  He was ridiculed and slapped and spit upon.  He was stripped of His clothing and beat to a pulp, beyond recognition.  The beating itself should have killed Him.  After carrying His own cross most of the way to Calvary, He was nailed to it and lifted up and plopped down with a thud.  It is almost more than I can bear to even think about.

Good???  How can any of this be good?  This wasn’t good, but it had to be.  This was why Jesus came.  This is why God took on flesh.  He came to die for me and for you.  He came to be the Passover Lamb; the Lamb that took away the sins of the world.  It was a dark day in history.  It was a day that Satan thought he had finally won.  It was a day of fear and confusion for those who loved Him and followed Him.  Things just looked bad!

But because we know the “rest of the story,” we can see “good” in this day.  That Friday some 2000 years ago, Jesus (God in the flesh) died as our substitute.  He took our death penalty.  We were destined for eternal death because of our sin, but Jesus stepped up and said “Let me die for _______________(put your name in the blank).  He who knew no sin took our sin so we might have His righteousness.  Wow!!!  What a deal for us!  Then, on the 3rd day, Jesus rose from the dead.  He Lives!!!

Do you see it?  Do you see the “good?”           I can have life because He paid my death penalty.  You can have life because He paid your death penalty.

Good Friday is a great example of how things can look so bad, leaving us confused and scared and unsure.  God was working out His plan, a great plan, on that dark day.

My heart is sad today.  Sometimes I struggle to find “good” in the direction life has taken, but I know that God is working out His plan.  He allowed us to have over 36 years together and for that I am thankful.  It just makes more sense to be thankful for what we did have than to regret what might have been.  One day, when I am with Jesus in heaven, I will see the big picture and it will all become clear.  Until then,  I choose to trust that God loves me and has only my best interest at heart.  I choose to see “good” in this day.

Lots of love, Sharon





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