The Ups and Downs of Life

This weekend turned out to be a weekend of ups and downs.  Friday afternoon, Daddy and I picked my sister, Debbie, up from school and the three of us headed to Myrtle Beach for the weekend.  Daddy was excited about being able to treat his two girls to an enjoyable weekend.  Although it drizzled rain all the way there, our trip was easy and we arrived at our condo safe and sound.  We stayed in a two bedroom unit and our room had two beds, which meant we each had our own bed.  That always makes for easier nights.  The ocean was almost completely still on Friday night.  With the nearly full moon, it was a beautiful sight.

Yesterday, we managed to find several places we wanted to go for specific shopping.  At the Coastal Grand Mall, they were having try-outs for Wheel of Fortune and the turn out was huge!!  The majority of the folks we saw waiting in the very long line were quite interesting, to say the least.  Of course, we didn’t hang around to watch, but from the looks of things, it was going to be a long day for them.

Last night, we saw a show at The Carolina Opry.  Daddy loves to go there as well as the Alabama Theatre.  We had great seats for seeing the show, but there’s not much room to move unless you weigh 80 pounds.  To top that off, the man beside me really needed two seats.  Sometimes, he was actually sharing mine!!!  Five seats down from us was a gentleman from our church.  Just shows you better behave.  You never know who’s watching.  (We also saw a couple from Kinston at breakfast earlier.)  The man beside me and his wife were very nice.  Turns out her son was the emcee for the show and was a wonderful singer.  I know this made sound weird, but that made me feel like I had a connection to him.  My favorite song of the evening was one he sang called “There Is A River.”  It dealt with the woman at the well and Jesus as the Living Water.  We are studying the Gospel of John and have just read that story, so it really resonated with me.  It is an old favorite of mine and I sang every word along with him.  I felt like I was in church.

Daddy’s favorite (we all loved them) was a group of 4 guys called “All That.”  They dance what I would call a mixture of clogging, tap dance, and river dancing.  It was absolutely amazing!  There feet could move like crazy.  You may have seen them on “America’s Got Talent.”  If you go to Myrtle Beach, you should check them out.

Daddy dropped Debbie off at her house this afternoon and then brought me home.  He decided to run out to the shop and check up from Friday’s work.  Once he got inside his private office, he realized someone had broken in some time over the weekend.  He called the police, then called me.  Whoever it was got what they came after.  Only a little bit of change was left.  In fact, there’s not even any petty cash money with which to begin the morning.  The police were able to lift a couple of good prints, but who knows whose they are.

My question for these people who spend their time taking what they did not earn is this:  Why don’t you use that knowledge of how to break and enter to do something constructive?  It is a sorry state of affairs when everything you have has to be under some type of security system.  But that is our next step.  If there is a next time, they won’t find their job so easy.

Thankfully, the shop was closed and no one was there.  Money can be replaced; people can’t.  But I hate to see Daddy upset and this was upsetting for him.  His home was broken into twice in the past which led to a security system.  Now this.

But none of this diminishes the time the three of us had together.  My family is precious to me.

The trip:  $$

The theft:  $$$$$

The time with my daddy and only sister:   PRICELESS!!!!!!

Lots of love, Sharon



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