What Can One Person Do?

Every time I turn on my faucet, clean water runs out of it.  I take it for granted just as I’m sure you do.  I don’t even think about how much water I am using on a daily basis.  It’s just expected to be there.  Did you know that many people have no clean water at all.  In fact, many women in other parts of the world have to walk miles daily to dip some water then tote it back to their families.  What makes this even worse is that this water is dirty, full of parasites and other things that make them sick.  Can you even begin to imagine having to give your family filthy water?  Water is a necessity, so they have no choice. 

Clean water within communities changes all the lives of those living there.  The time spent by the women walking to get dirty water can now be used to work and earn income to help the family.  Each family member can grow stronger as they no longer have to deal with the dysentery and bacterial infections caused by the dirty water.  The children can attend school instead of looking for water.  Everything changes just because of clean water.

More than 24,000 children die everyday — most from preventable causes such as hunger, malaria, diarrhea, measles, and pneumonia.  That is staggering!  We are so blessed here in America.  Even our poor are rich compared to so many in the world.  Not every country’s government gives aid to their poor.  Many people live on only $1.00 a day.  We don’t even think twice about spending $1.00 on something we don’t even need.  We spend more on 1 electronic gadget than many people make in a year!!  What would happen if all of us would be willing to give $1.00 per day to help?  For most of us, we’d never even miss it.  But for them, it would radically change their lives.

Maybe we don’t do more because these are just facts and figures without faces.  Right now, as I write this, I am looking at the face of a little 7 year old girl named Birtukan who lives in Ethiopia.  She lives with her parents, her 2 brothers and her 2 sisters.  Her parents work hard to provide but it is very difficult to meet their family’s needs.  Where she lives is severely affected by the HIV and AIDS crisis.  This crisis is wiping out many parents, leaving behind children who are afraid and tired grandparents who are struggling to take care of their grandchildren.  

My sister sent what most of us here in America would consider a small sum of money to a little girl in Ethiopia.  She and her family sat down together and decided to use the money to buy a cow.  This cow will provide them with milk and a calf, which can be sold to help the whole family.  They were also able to buy some new clothes.  Can we make a difference?  Absolutely YES!

Birtukan likes to jump rope.  My granddaughter, Lesley, enjoys this, too.  Birtukan is a real person and she will be 8 years old on April 12th.  She shares the same birthday with Les.  I might not can change the whole world all by myself, but starting tonight, I am going to help change her life.

One thought on “What Can One Person Do?

  1. How awesome that you found a little child to help that has the same birthday as Les! What a great way to remember that special day and add a little hope to the world!

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