What a joy it has been to listen to my dad and his sister just talk and talk and talk!  Yesterday, Daddy and I drove down to Summerville, SC, to visit with his only living sibling, his baby sister, Peggy.  She lives in a little cottage in her son’s back yard.  It is an adorable little house; green with a yellow front door.  There is an upstairs bedroom and bath which is where I am staying.  The weather is very warm here, so yesterday afternoon Daddy and Aunt Peggy sat out on her front porch and visited.  I could hear them from my room as they chatted in an almost continuous conversation.  It made my heart happy!  This morning before I went down, they were at it again.  I sat on my bed and listened to them banter with one another and I thanked God for my family. 

In His tender mercy and great love, God designed families.  No matter the relationships we have with other people, nothing compares to that of our family.  I know that sometime families get their wires all crossed up, causing them to miss out on the love that is intended.  That makes me sad.  I love my family so much.  Yes, sometimes I could pinch heads off, but I still love them with all my heart.  My family loved and supported me and Les through his sickness and they are with me now as I try to find my way in this new life.  I can’t even begin to imagine life without my family.  Family loves us when no one else does.  Family helps hold the pieces of our lives together when they seem to be coming unglued.  Family overlooks our imperfections. In fact, family sometimes doesn’t even see our imperfections because they are camouflaged by love. 

I am blessed.

Don’t take your family for granted.  They are a gift.  Love them in word and deed. 

It’s time for me to get off this computer and get back outside with my family.  I hear them talking and talking and talking!!!!

Lots of love, Sharon

2 thoughts on “Family

  1. Amen, Sister! I can hardly wait to visit my beautiful two month old granddaughter and her mom and dad tomorrow! We are blessed to have the freedom in our country to do so without sanctions. Have a safe trip back and enjoy every minute!

    Love and peace,

  2. Sharon, You are so right on! As usual your comments mean so much to me, and I am sure many others. Keep’um coming. I was paarticularly struck by your comments on being saved by grace alone. I agree with you completely. After a recent in depth study of James, I have now finally understood what he was telling us. We must live as Christ told us to. That’s what he ment by Works.
    Love in Christ, Frank

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