Making Decisions

Life is full of so many decisions.  Some are small.  Some are big.  Some are made without really thinking about them,  but some need much thought and prayer.  We all face them every day in some shape or form.  What will I wear today?  Will I be joyful or will I be down?  What will I make for dinner?  Will I do all as unto the Lord?  Will I reach out to others or will I just look after me?  Should I take that other job or should I stay where I am?  Do I skip the candy and eat an apple instead?  You get the point, don’t you?  I’ve never like making big decisions, especially on my own.  It’s easier to know someone else is there to share the burden if you make the wrong choice.  That’s why we need to stay in constant communication with the Lord.  He wants to be a part of every decision we make, not just the big ones. 

Becoming a widow has brought with it a new set of decisions.  How much time have you spent thinking about the kind of tombstone you would place on your spouse’s gravesite?  None, you say.  Well, me neither.  But now that’s just what I’m having to do.  It may seem easy, but it’s not.  So many times over the years as we talked about things, Les would tell me I could change my mind about some things because they were not “etched in stone.”  Choosing a tombstone isn’t one of those times, because it is literally “etched in stone!”  A tombstone is something you place with the intention of it being there as long as this earth exists, so you want to choose wisely and carefully.  With much thought and God’s guidance, I have decided on the style, but now must decide on what will be “etched” in the stone.  If you think about it, maybe you could say a little prayer for me about this.  My desire is that this stone will be reminder of Les’ life, but more importantly, will honor our God, the One he loved and served.  

Lots of love, Sharon

2 thoughts on “Making Decisions

  1. Hi Sharon… Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day. I can’t even imagine all the “big” decisions you are having to make alone these days, but this I do know…. your love and devotion to our most gracious heavenly father will guide you through these decisions. You have been such and inspiration for me, you just don’t even know. I wonder some days how I will get through the next day, and then I think of you and Mr. Les…. and suddenly things don’t seem so bad for me. I enjoyed his prescence and I miss his smiling face. Sometimes I wonder what I could say to such a “wise” and “strong” person as yourself that would make a difference. I think at times it’s just nice to hear uplifting words coming from someone else. We all need that don’t you think? I hope you have a wonderful week and I’m going to ask you to keep me in your prayers as well.

    Angie T.

  2. Sharon, you have my prayers for this decision as well as all to come in the future. You have such wonderful insight into life. Keep all of us filled with your blogs whenever you can.Love in Christ,
    Frank Saville

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