Something to Ponder

Last weekend when Daddy and I visited his sister in South Carolina, we attended church with her. We were so blessed and moved  by the music and the Word.  Her pastor had just returned the night before from a two-week mission trip to Africa.  He may have been suffering jet lag, but you certainly couldn’t tell it from his … More Something to Ponder


What a joy it has been to listen to my dad and his sister just talk and talk and talk!  Yesterday, Daddy and I drove down to Summerville, SC, to visit with his only living sibling, his baby sister, Peggy.  She lives in a little cottage in her son’s back yard.  It is an adorable … More Family

Making Decisions

Life is full of so many decisions.  Some are small.  Some are big.  Some are made without really thinking about them,  but some need much thought and prayer.  We all face them every day in some shape or form.  What will I wear today?  Will I be joyful or will I be down?  What will … More Making Decisions

Fear Not!!!

Although I’ve never counted them myself, I have been told that there are 365 “fear nots” in the Bible; one for every day of the year.  God knew fear would be a problem for us.  Fear and worry are not my constant companions, as they are for some of you, but I still have my … More Fear Not!!!